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Artist of the Month

The Program

The Artist of the Month program is a staple in Making Treaty 7’s programming. We highlight Indigenous talent in Treaty 7 territory each month on our socials and blog with the program culminating in a gallery showcase each June to celebrate the artists of the year during Indigenous History Month.


The Artist of the Month program was created in 2020 as a way to celebrate local Indigenous artists during the Covid-19 pandemic in a safe way. Even though we were physically separated, we were able to share our love and appreciation of Indigenous artistic expression.

Meet our AotM Alumni

2022 - 2023

Ramsey Kunkel.png
Ramsey Kunkel

June 2023

Bryce Singer.png
Bryce Singer

March 2023

Zachary Cardinal.png
Zachary Cardinal

December 2022

Evelyn Mikayla Martin.png
Evelyn Mikayla Martin

September 2022

Morgan Possberg.png
Morgan Possberg

May 2023

Keevin Rider.png
Keevin Rider

February 2023

Joey Big Snake.png
Joey Big Snake

November 2022


August 2022

Cheyenne McGinnis.png
Cheyenne Naatoiyiki McGinnis

April 2023

Star Crop Eared Wolf.png
Star Crop Eared Wolf

January 2023

Staci Wolfe.png
Staci Wolfe

October 2022

Serene Weasel Traveller.png
Serene Weasel Traveller

July 2022

2021 - 2022

Sam Bighetty.png
Sam Bighetty

June 2022

Hali Heavy Shield.png
Hali Heavy Shield

March 2022

Florence Shone.png
Florence Shone

December 2021

Judy Everson.png
Judy Everson

September 2021

Mary Big Bull.png
Mary Big Bull

June 2021

Raven Many Guns.png
Raven Many Guns

March 2021

Gordon Wesley.png
Gordon Wesley

May 2022

Rudy Black Plume.png
Rudy Black Plume

February 2022

Cheyenne Ozinja-Thiha.png
Cheyenne Ozinja-Thiha

November 2021

Lena Breaker.png
Lena Breaker

August 2021

Stephanie One Spot.png
Stephanie One Spot

May 2021

Keegan Starlight.png
Keegan Starlight

February 2021

Alanna Bluebird.png
Alanna Bluebird

April 2022

Andrew Holloway.png
Andrew Holloway

January 2022

Nathan Meguinis.png
Nathan Meguinis

October 2021

Autumn Whiteway.png
Autumn Whiteway

July 2021

Melrene Savoy-Eagle Speaker.png
Melrene Savoy-Eagle Speaker

April 2021

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