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Melrene Savoy-Eagle Speaker | Artist of the Month | April 2021

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Melrene has always been immersed in her culture, from jingle dress dancing as a child, participating in ceremony to making regalia and sewing her whole life. Being creative is a part of her ancestral roots. As young mother at the age of 17, she finished high-school and right after got a job in retail.

After 13 years she needed a change. Not knowing what that would be, she got an opportunity to attend the Community Future’s Treaty 7 Entrepreneurial Symposium. Knowing that she always had a passion for her culture and fashion, the symposium gave the knowledge and push she needed to start Native Diva Creations. She took a leap of faith and quit her job to start a passion project.

Now 5 years later the business and the beading has evolved. Melrene has really made her brand culturally appropriate jewellery and accessories for all peoples to wear. Her work has been seen in magazines, fashion shows, and in music videos. With numerous accolades Melrene still enjoys the process of creating. In 2020 Melrene was named International Indigenous Accessory Designer of the year.

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