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Joey Big Snake | Artist of the Month | November 2022

Oki, my name is Joey Big Snake.

I am a Blackfoot First Nation artist from Siksika Nation. I work within both Calgary and Siksika but live in the city currently finishing my education at AUARTS, majoring in Media Arts + Digital Technology.

One of the main goals in my work is to express indigenous ideas through technology. From digital art, audio work, projection, and coding, using technology as a lens for the viewer to see Blackfoot culture differently is something that I aim to achieve.

Key inspirations for me are my culture and technology, as well as the works of other indigenous artists and thinkers such as Adrian Stimson and Thomas King.

While living in Calgary, I was able to collaborate with some great people and present my art in places like Telus Spark and the Esker Foundation.

Check out Joey's Instagram and website!

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