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Stephanie One Spot | Artist of the Month | May 2021

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Stephanie One Spot is from the Sarcee (TsuuTina) First Nation. She is a Third-Year student at The Alberta University of the Arts, (formally known as ACAD) and an emerging Artist in the TsuuTina and surrounding Calgary area. She grew up all her life on the TsuuTina reserve by the Buffalo Paddocks, where she would venture out and enjoy the land. She is inspired every day from her natural surroundings, gardening with her mother and the traditional stories told to her by her Father. As an entrepreneur at heart, she is always creating new projects, finding strength through traditional knowledge or co-managing and working with her cleaning company, Shiny Chores.

She is a mother of 2 young boys. She believes that through Art, illustrating stories and taking photographs are an important way to teach and preserve her culture for the next generation. She takes pride in knowing that her sons are not only a part of her Artwork but love to help out with projects and taking photographs with her.

Being a part of past exhibitions such as TsuuTina Nations Nihisgaka Ogha – For Our Children Dinner Series, 2018, Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society here in Calgary – Mohkinstsis (2018-2020) and working with kindergarten classes from Calgary and a TsuuTina Immersion Kindergarten class in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action helps her gain experience into helping merge a more fluid relationship with Calgary and the TsuuTina Nation.

Her painting practice uses photographs and mixed media to illustrate the illusion of real time moments into her Artwork. She often tries to recall her own imagery from dreams and translates them into these pictures. Her future goals are to continue to make Art and research Traditional stories to help pass down this knowledge and preserve her culture.

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