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Raven Many Guns | Artist of the Month | March 2021

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Raven is a mixed Blackfoot artist from Siksika Nation, a prairie native with cultural roots from Ukraine. Until she was 8 years old, she lived in Siksika Nation, where her dad would take her and her young sister on amazing weekly hikes all over the land that Siksika covers.

Her life was always centered around natural earth, animals, and celestial wonder, and you can see in her art the metaphysical and natural impressions that have been instilled in her since childhood.

She is a graduate from AuArts, formerly known as ACAD, for sculpture and glassblowing. Her main focus at the moment is tattooing and finding her niche in that beautiful artform. She is new to the world of tattooing, only being in the shop for over a year, but she feels her techniques are getting better daily.

Raven is very hopeful and passionate about her future, and in turn, would love to have a shop on her Rez one day. Her aspiration is to apprentice younger artists when it is her time to pass the knowledge down.

Raven will be at a new studio in June 2021. Until then, keep up with her on Instagram.

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