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Staci Wolfe | Artist of the Month | October 2022

Oki, Tansi, Sek:oh:

Hello and welcome to our budding fashion house. My name is Staci Wolfe, and along with my husband Jay, we created WolfDen Designz. I am Kanien:khe:haka Mohawk from Ontario, and I am married into the Muskowekwan First Nation in Saskatchewan AB. I took over the role of co-CEO and lead designer in 2016, and since then we are proud to continue our Mohawk Plains Cree culture and traditions in all the designs we create.

WolfDen Designz likes to pride itself on not being a fast fashion house, rather we prefer to create one of a kind collections that share meaningful stories of our way of life as the First Peoples of this land.

All of the findings that are used are either sterling silver or rose gold wire, and they are hand

formed and made in our home studio. I love to support Indigenous, and Moonstone

Creations in Inglewood has been our go to from day one in being able to provide our

customers with the very best in beads and sewing supplies. We also use hide recycled from

their gallery thus ensuring that we are using all parts of the animal and there is little to no

waste left. Our packaging is recyclable, and there are future plans to include compostable

packaging so that we can be more gentle on Mother Earth.

Many of the designs are from my Kanien:khe:haka culture, sometimes you can find a bit of

Cree culture especially in my newest designs that I did alongside my husband recently.

Before the pandemic, my brother in law from Saskatchewan brought me some deer antler

shed that he had come across on his hikes, and I decided that I was going to make something out of them. I cut the deer antler by hand, then I use my Dremel tool to smooth it

out and sometimes hollow out the marrow for a different effect.

My family was poor, and living off the land was just what we did. My Moosum and Uncles

made a modest living being guides for hunters in the fall, and my Kookum had the skills for

tanning hides, sewing and doing beadwork, and she taught me. I’m extremely grateful to be

able to carry on these traditional skills today.

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