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Zachary Cardinal | Artist of the Month | December 2022

Zachary Cardinal is from Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation in Treaty 8. He graduated from AuArts in 2020, Majoring in Glass. He continues to practice glass making, he makes sculptural glass as well as functional works like lamps and vases. Zach has a great eye for colour when creating his pieces, resulting bold colours to illustrate narratives behind the forms he has created.

Details of Zachary's pieces pictured below:

UFO Lamp 01

UFO Lamp a Blown Glass functional lamp that has two blown components that are attached hot. One component is a light transparent red, giving off a soft red light. The bottom components is made out of glass cane giving it lines of different colours.

Crowned Lipped Vase – Aqua Blue 02

Crowned Lipped Vase is the first of the crowned lipped series. It was inspired from watching Italian maestros work in Murano in 2018. It involves cutting the lip in an irregular way, the maestros would spin this out into a bowl shape where I like to keep it into a clean lip for vases. The colouring in this series uses many bright colours applied onto the glass to look like lines of opaque paint.

UFO Lamp 03

This is another UFO lamp and is the colour and design as UFO Lamp 01, just photographed outside.

Crowned Lipped Vase – Light Pale Blue 04

This is a newer addition to the crowned lipped series. The blue is a pale opalescent paired with grey and green applied to look like lines of colour on the paint.

Caged Bee Vase 05

These is the first of the two in the bee series. The colouring of this vase is made to represent the patterns and colour of bees. Made in the spring of 2021 they were created to inspire the hard-working bees to keep on pollenating.

Bee Vase 06

These is the second vase in bee series. The colouring of this vase is made to represent the patterns and colour of bees. They resided and were photographed next to our strawberry patch where many bees worked hard to pollenate our strawberries.

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