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Ramsey Kunkel | Artist of the Month | June 2023

Ramsey Kunkel is a Metis photographer and artist, born and raised in Alberta, Canada. In 2007 he began to work freelance, and since has taken photos for various local, national, and international clients.

Art Descriptions


This image was inspired by the song My Fathers House by Singer/Song writer Sandra Sutter. Where do we go for comfort, learning, inspiration, safety. There is no one place. This image was part of a work that put imagery to each song.

Before Time

This image was inspired by the song Mountain Song by Singer/Song writer Sandra Sutter. The song is about survival and strength. It's about those who walked before us, passed on the knowledge and stories, kept us going.


I love motion in photography. I try to capture motion of the dancers. I feel there's a different story to tell, it makes me look at it differently.

Hear, Feel

The drum, the singers, the song, bring us together. It's spiritual. I hoped to capture the essence, harmony, and movement of this drum group.

Check out Ramsey's website here!

You can follow Ramsey on Instagram @ramseykunkel!

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