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Andrew Holloway | Artist of the Month | January 2022

Andrew Holloway is a member of the Stoney Nakoda First Nations, and an artist who predominately works with metal. He uses his unique metal-smithing style to create “Wearable Metal Art” that incorporates his culture within his designs.

Starting his art career as a painter, and later falling in love with metal smithing, he has crossed the barriers of painting on canvas, and brought his unique style into metal smithing. Bright colours, geometric shapes, and the use of unconventional materials makes each piece Andrew creates part of his distinctive style.

He continues to create show stopping pieces, that not only demand attention, but offer a sense of wonder and amazement. Wearable Metal Art is his own description of the one of a kind works he creates, going above and beyond creating just jewelry. His journey can be followed through his social media accounts under Yethka Metal Works.

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