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Alanna Bluebird | Artist of the Month | April 2022

Alanna Bluebird is Tsuutina Dinatii & Siksika Niitsiitapi Alanna is the youngest of 3 siblings, she resides in the Tsuutina Nation.

At the age of 15 she decided that she wanted to be a photographer and film maker. Growing up her and her friends would remake films and parodies of movies they saw.

They would have mini productions going on over the school breaks, from hair and makeup to background actors they would go all out on making these films with a vintage JVC VHS-C camcorder.

The films are still on tape and not yet converted, but one day she plans on making something out of them.

Join us in celebrating Alanna as April's AOTM. Follow her work on Instagram @mzfoto_ !

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