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Serene Weasel Traveller | Artist of the Month | July 2022

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Serene Weasel Traveller is from the Piikani Nation of the Blackfoot Confederacy and resides in Lethbridge. She is a graduate of the University of Lethbridge with a BFA program – Indigenous Art (Art Studio) degree. As a graduate of a Fashion Design and Merchandising program from the Lethbridge College, Serene is a designer of traditional and contemporary native regalia using beadwork, textile garment construction, and jewellery.

In her art practice, Serene works with beading, digital media, installation, site specific projects, found objects that are combined with traditional Indigenous art processes. Balancing her two-world realities. Blackfoot culture, where she was raised within traditional societies and protocols, and western worldviews where she conforms to the requirements of another value system. Serene integrates the opposing realities in a continuous search for balance through her art practice.

Artist Statement

My work blends my Blackfoot culture with my western worldview. I look for the balance between the world of a Blackfoot woman from the Piikani Nation, and a resident of Canada. I am integrating representations of colonialism with my traditional cultural practices, by combining the two different elements, overplaying the notion of a cultural hybrid. My work is a celebration of the adaptation, survival, and strength of all indigenous people. I pay special homage to the traditional Blackfoot territory, the land that has shaped and sustained the Blackfoot people from time and immemorial.

You can find Serene's work on Instagram.

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