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Sikapinakii Low Horn | Artist of the Month | January 2024

Updated: Feb 7

Sikapinakii Low Horn is from the Siksika first nation in Southern Alberta, their name translates to Black Eyed Woman in English.

They graduated with distinction and received their Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2019. Sikapinakii is currently working through a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Utilizing the Blackfoot language and storytelling to educate others about the Blackfoot people and the treaty seven nations. They create works of art using a variety of mediums to provoke questions within non-indigenous people, to educate, build relationships, and to create comfortable settings.

Art Descriptions

Untitled (page from zine), zine, 2018.

Utilizing easy accessible materials, Low Horn created zines in their undergrad with topics of colonization, as they felt they were not receiving adequate feedback compared to their peers. They used confrontational topics to entice the audience to create conversation about the history of Southern Alberta. In this specific page, there is the comparison of reserve to province accompanied by pasted found text.

Ihstaipapohko, vinyl, 2019.

Created for #Callresponse with Truck contemporary art and Stride Gallery in 2019, at the time of creation, the artist continually had dreams in their traditional language of Blackfoot. Only speaking English, the dreams that were happening were creating this feeling of the language wanting to be spoken instead of English.

Cowboy Heaven, repurposed found velvet painting, acrylic painting, 2023.

A found painting given to the artist, they added themselves as a cowboy, being sucked into cowboy heaven.

Makoyohsokoyi (The Wolf Trail/The Milky Way), Mural at Telus spark science centre, 2023.

Low Horn created a mural for the Telus Spark Science Centre that sits outside of the building near the park. The mural itself is inspired by the milky way, which is known as the wolf trail in the Blackfoot culture. It’s believed wolves helped a family during a time where the winter was harsh and people were starving. Wolves helped us and showed us to live together, which is seen in the milky way cluster.

Check out Sikapinakii on Instagram!

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