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Sarah Whalen Lunn | Artist of the Month | September 2023

Sarah Whalen Lunn is a multi media Inuit artist and traditional tattoo practitioner from Alaska who has recently moved with her family to Calgary, AB.

As an artist I feel it is important to facilitate conversation on the social issues facing us as Indigenous people and women. The art that I create, whether it is traditional tattooing or painting, stems from the want to work out my own emotions and heal.

As a visual artist I work with raw emotions, showing the world my perspective and my place in it. It is a true reflection of what I feel (in image) that words sometimes cannot convey.

As a traditional tattoo practitioner I work to help reconnect people to our cultures and reclaim our heritage of cultural tattooing that was diminished through colonization. Our tattooing has the ability to connect us as a community and to show who we are as modern Indigenous people. I believe that all art has a chance to open the dialogue necessary for the change we need and that is what I strive to create.

Art Descriptions

  • Traditional marks from Kodiak Island

  • Traditional hand markings - Kotzebue, Alaska

  • "Aana's ulu" - 5ft wood block print, hand carved

  • "We are not a expendable resource" - Digital illustration

  • "No more Stolen Sisters" - Original artist SWL, created in 2019

  • "Release" - Block print

  • "Mouthful of fish" - Oil painting

  • "The Mothers" - Beaded earrings backed with brain tanned smoked hide

  • Commissioned work by The Anchorage Museum - 5ft hand carved wood block print

  • "Nanuq" - Hand poked tattoo

Check out Sarah on Instagram!

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