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Grant Little Mustache | Artist of the Month | August 2023

Oki. Greetings - I am Grant Little Mustache of the Piikani Nation, part of the Blackfoot Confederacy. I am a self-taught artist that started at and early age and have been drawing and painting for more than 50 years and I have been around storytelling all of my life. The creation stories of my people and my ancestors go back to the beginning of time in Blackfoot territory, here in what we call North America, Canada and the United States.

I have been around horse culture all my life and on the front lines of human services for over 30 years. I would describe my art as spiritual, contemporary, Indigenous, historical and western.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to sharing my art with all nations and people.

Grant is available for commissions and portraits.

Art Descriptions

Blackfoot Woman Root-Picking


This woman came to Grant in a dream. She stood very close to him and seemed very real. He decided to paint her to show young people what traditional life looked like years ago. She is seen harvesting roots and berries in the fall. The stick she carries would be used to whack the berries off the branches.

Warrior on a Horse


During the last few years, as the Blackfoot people suffered through Covid, the ongoing Opioid Crisis, the discoveries of unmarked graves at various Residential School sites, Grant witnessed a lot of pain and sadness. He was inspired to paint this warrior on horseback to offer strength and hope to his people.

Honouring our Grandfathers, the Bull Society, Blackfoot Confederacy


The Bull Society were once the oldest of the Blackfoot societies. But in the 1800’s Small Pox, Scarlet Fever and other European diseases tore through the Blackfoot camps, one year killing one third of their population, and in another year nearly half of the those remaining. 6000 people from one camp on this side of Yellowstone Park, died of smallpox in 1837 alone. After hearing the Elders stories about these camps, where the Blackfoot lost over 20,000 people, Grant was inspired to paint this watercolour to honour the Bull Society that was lost to the willful spread of smallpox through germ-filled blankets from malicious traders.

Peigan in Sagebrush Country


There is lots of sage that grows in Southern part of Blackfoot territory. This rider coming through deep sage is a depiction of a scout patrolling the traditional hunting grounds of the Blackfoot people. Grant paints from stories that have been passed down to him, bringing to life the past for younger people to learn about traditional Blackfoot ways.

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