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Chance Bellegarde | Artist of the Month | July 2023

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Tansi, my name is mikho maskwa (Red Bear), also known as Chance Bellegarde. I am Nehiyaw (Cree) from the Little Black Bear First Nation in

Saskatchewan. I am a proud father of 3 beautiful children and have lived in

Mohkinstsis (Calgary) for nearly all of my life.

I discovered my interest in woodworking after completing my own basement development. I started out making furniture pieces for my home and other small

projects for family and friends. In 2019 I started exploring the artistic possibilities within woodworking and began hand burning and carving designs. What started out as a hobby quickly became a passion and draws on my personal journey of self-discovery and re-establishing my cultural identity. With the encouragement of family, friends in 2021 I started my own company (Redman Customs) - which has quickly grown to include a host of many different product lines including Woodwork, Apparel, Jewelry, and Artistry.

Art Descriptions

Smudge Box

This remarkable smudge box is a true work of art, combining traditional craftsmanship with stunning aesthetics.

Crafted from high-quality cedar, this smudge box not only serves as a functional tool but also as a visually captivating centerpiece. The lid features an intricately hand-carved and burned feather inlay. The sides of the smudge box are adorned with a striking ash and walnut banded inlay, creating a harmonious contrast and enhancing the box's overall beauty. The carefully selected combination of woods adds a touch of sophistication and richness to the design.

Whether used for smudging, as a decorative item, or as a meaningful gift, this Cedar Smudge Box with Hand Carved and Burned Feather Inlay is sure to leave a lasting impression. Embrace the beauty of Indigenous art and spirituality with this exceptional creation by Chance Bellegarde.

Ribbon Skirts

Crafted by Chance Bellegarde, these unique pieces showcase the perfect fusion of traditional and contemporary design elements, making it a remarkable addition to your wardrobe.

The skirts feature a captivating exposed waistband, adding a touch of modern flair to its timeless silhouette. The A-line shape gracefully flows with every movement, ensuring a flattering and comfortable fit for all body types.

Each skirt is meticulously adorned with vibrant ribbon patterns, meticulously chosen by Chance Bellegarde and are crafted with utmost attention to detail.

By wearing this skirt, you not only embrace the spirit of Indigenous culture but also support the preservation of traditional craftsmanship. Showcasing your appreciation for Indigenous art and fashion, you'll radiate elegance and cultural awareness in any setting.

Don this remarkable Indigenous Ribbon Skirt with exposed waistband and a-line shape, and let it become a powerful symbol of unity, diversity, and cultural celebration.

Acrylic Painting on Elk Hide

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of nature with this mesmerizing acrylic painting by the Indigenous Artist Chance Bellegarde. This artwork showcases a serene snowy mountain and tree landscape, brought to life on genuine elk hide, making it a truly exceptional and authentic piece of art.

Amongst the snowy landscape are the mesmerizing Northern Lights dancing across the night sky.

The choice of elk hide as the canvas for this artwork adds an authentic and organic element to the painting. The natural variations of the hide lend a unique character to the piece, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Work in Progress

A collection of Deer Hide Leather Skirts, made possible by a generous grant from Calgary Arts Development, and crafted by artist Chance Bellegarde. This collection is a celebration of beauty and culture

Each skirt in this collection will embody a fusion of tradition and contemporary design. Chance Bellegarde incorporates elements that is are reflection of re-connecting to his own indigenous identity.

The grant from Calgary Arts Development has allowed Chance the opportunity for both artistic and cultural growth while also ensuring the preservation and continuation of traditional craftsmanship. Each skirt becomes a testament to the resilience and creativity of Indigenous artists, and a powerful statement of cultural pride.

As a work in progress, this collection of Deer Hide Leather Skirts is an opportunity to witness the creative process and evolution of Chance Bellegarde's artistry. Stay tuned for the final unveiling of these stunning pieces.

Check out Chance on Instagram @redman_customsyyc!

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