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Amanda Fox-Starlight | Artist of the Month | May 2024

Amanda Fox-Starlight is from the Stoney Reserve (father), Siksika Reserve (mother) and has been practicing art for 20 years. She’s a mother of three and currently lives on the Tsuut’ina Reservation with her husband and their children. Amanda originally was on her educational path with engineering although art always had a place in her mind. Amanda was always proficient in math, which is why she chose engineering, however she knew that the art world would be more challenging, which is why she chose to pursue art.

Metal-smithing is what she committed her art education in at acad (au arts) and it's what she is most recognized for to this day. She works in a multitude of mediums of jewellery and sewing, which includes beadwork, quillwork, gem setting,  indigenous regalia and lapidary work. Amanda also has a passion for teaching others her artistic knowledge. 

With all these talents on hand, Amanda and her husband decided to start a business together. Since 2013 they have been displaying their talents together at vending tables selling their artwork. Their business is an amalgamation of both of their talents. Today Amanda still enjoys creating and making and plans on continuing art for a long time. She will teach her children all the traditional ways of her people in hopes in continuing our culture.

Art Descriptions

“Fox and moon”

Watercolour on arches


“Squirrel and rabbit wedding”

Sterling silver and black diamond


“Rodeo Ready”

Cotton and polyester


“Custom fit high tops”

Deer hide


Check out Amanda on Instagram!

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