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Making Treaty 7


September 22 - October 1, 2022


The Pumphouse Theatre - Victor Mitchell Theatre

O'kosi (oh-go-see) is the Blackfoot word meaning 'in the fall when we gather,' and refers to returning home to the river valley for winter camps. 

Celebrated director Michelle Thrush, brings a talented cast of Blackfoot actors together to write and put to stage this visually spectacular production filled with music and poetry. 

O’kosi depicts the ways in which Indigenous People are healing from the multidimensional and multi-generational effects of the signing of Treaty 7 and the Indian Act and how the repercussions of these policies have been passed to parents, sons, and daughters. Set in Mohkinstsis from 1877 to 2077, O’kosi imagines a shift toward breaking colonial systems, reuniting families, and healing communities. It is a love letter between parent and child.




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