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Making Treaty 7


April 3, 2022


Globe Cinema

Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society brought together eight artists to immerse themselves in theatre creation techniques inspired by the land we call Calgary. They wrote, listened, danced, and played together under the guidance of a cadre of veteran artists and Treaty 7 Knowledge Keepers to create this collage of short films. Each of the artists created a performance piece to contribute to the whole of Istotsi, which speaks from the heart to the land we live on.

Directed by: Sandi Somers and Michelle Thrush

Artists: Marshall Vielle, Alanna Bluebird, Benedict Pipestem, Maya Green, Brooklynn McWilliam-Fraser, Yan Zhu, Linda Kee and Deedra Salange Ladouceur

Music Direction by: Kris Demeanor, Cedric “Biggie” Lightning, Caleigh Crow and Chantal Vitalis




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