Dear Family, Friends & Colleagues

Michael-and-NarcisseThe board and staff of Making Treaty 7 are deeply mourning today the tragic loss of ELK SHADOW / PONA KO’TAKSI, also known as Michael Green, and MIDDLE BULL / TATSIKIISTAMIK, also known as Narcisse Blood.  Elk Shadow was the founder and visionary behind the Making Treaty 7 project.  We celebrate today his commitment to a shared belief that “WE ARE ALL TREATY PEOPLE”.  We are committed to ensuring that his spirit will live on.  Elk Shadow, One of Long Vision, had no boundaries and could not see color.  He was an inspiration to everyone he touched. “This is the most rewarding and electrified piece of art that I have ever created in over 30 years,” he told us,  “and to have, through this process, through the Sundance, been blessed with a spiritual awakening is a gift I could never have expected.”  Middle Bull was the Cultural and Spiritual Advisor to Making Treaty 7.  He was the Grandfather to the cast and crew;  he was the walking encyclopedia of our language, our culture and our history.  Together, Middle Bull and Elk Shadow brought First Nations and non-First Nations together.  They were the heart and soul of Making Treaty 7.  Narcisse will be truly missed within our spiritual circles.

We also extend our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to the families of LACY MORIN-DESJARLAIS and MICHELE SEREDA for their devastating loss.

Kitaitamatsin or Until We Meet Again…

Contact Info:  Anita Eagle Bear,

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