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All cultures can best be expressed through their connection to "place." The story of Canada is the story of the land we live on, that we cultivate, harvest and build our cities on. It is also the story of who each of us are, where we came from, and why we are here today.


Looking forward, our story is the story of how we hope to live together in our communities and come together for a better future.

As a relatively young city, situated in the heart of ancient Blackfoot territory, Calgary is still forming its cultural identity. However, our collective understanding of even our recent history lacks appreciation for the promises made at Blackfoot Crossing in 1877.


Through community engagement and education we can begin to right common misunderstandings and false assumptions around Treaty 7 and Indigenous peoples that otherwise create confrontation and distrust between cultures. 

Explore our offerings below and don't forget to check out our Community Opportunity blog posts - every two weeks we collect calls for submission, education/training opportunities, fundraisers, job offers and more and put them in one easy place to find! 

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