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Through our varied programs we have generated a wide variety of videos including content from our past productions, Elder gatherings, online workshops, media interviews and more.

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yaahsssapi (enjoy watching)!

Why Five Dollars?

Upon signing Treaty 7 in 1877, the Crown agreed - annually and forever - to pay status Indians registered to a First Nation, $5 per year. Each Chief would receive $25 and each minor Chief or Councilor $15 per year. The Government of Canada continues to make these annuity payments and yes, over 100 years later the amount is still just five dollars. 

Treaty Day is coordinated between Treaty First Nations and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) to disperse treaty payments in cash to eligible recipients. Registered Indians must go in person to the reserve they are registered with to collect their payment.

Did you know?

There are no allowances for inflation on treaty payments, but if there were...


$5 in 1877 = $132.76 in 2022

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