“A must see!!! Congrats Cherish Violet Blood Bean… You so rock.”

~ Theresa Big Plume

“I can’t wait till Sundays show!!  Even though I already know what it’s about because I have seen two performances I am still excited to see another!  All my friends or family that have gone have had nothing but positive comments.  I had asked them to share with you so that you would know how they feel!  Heard things like ‘bring a box of Kleenex’, ‘still warming up my toes but all worth it! So funny and laughed so hard’, ‘the show rocked’ etc!  I sure hope they tell you guys because it is so well deserved!”

~ Heather Pelletier

“Damn right !  Brave friends, kick starting the world !”

~ Ken Austin

“Any more shows scheduled?”

~ Dana Adrienne

“An amazing, moving performance!”

~ CJ Picek

“Amazing performance”

~ Rachel Tail Feathers

“Truth and reality spoken and expressed by the seventh generation.”

~ Nicole Tailfeathers

“I loved it!!!!  Please do another one soon!  It’s a story that deserves to be shared for generations to come!!!

I was lucky enough to get a ticket last night from a dear friend.  The show was amazing!  Riveting!  Emotional!  I am still in awe over the performance!  I cried, I laughed!  I can’t stop talking about it!  I am Blackfoot and have never been so proud!  Proud of who we are becoming as First Nations people!!  We are becoming leaders, and teachers and in doing so I pray we will all eventually be on the same page so we never lose sight of one another and where we come from!  There was a lot of things I did not know when it came to the history of Canada and the treaty!  I believe this story should be shared all over the world!!  It touched on so many issues we live with today as far as stereotypes and misunderstandings of who we are as First Nations.  I hope you guys will do another show next year!!  I really wished I could have shared this story with my fiancé and my daughter!  Who is only 12 and so passionate about change when it comes to what happen to our people!  I want to give props to all that we’re in the performance!!!  You were all amazing!!!  I believe you’re all opening a gateway of change and I could not be happier or more proud to be a First Nations Blackfoot woman!  Thank you to all who were apart of that wonderful performance. ‪#makeanotheronenextyear#idwatchtheperformanceagaininaheartbeat

I spoke from the heart I can hardly wait to see another show, I will be bringing my family!”

~ Michaeline Runningbird

“Powerful imagery and piercing song at tonight’s performance of Making Treaty 7 – I can still feel the drumbeats pulsing in my ribcage…”

~ Jenna Swift

“It’s a powerful and very moving piece that changed my way of perceiving the world I live in.  Couldn’t have asked for more.  Thank you.”

~ Marnie Schaetti

“Any chance of the show coming to Edmonton?  Will there be a second run in Calgary?… Congrats on the success of the show.  Hope to see it live someday!  It is much needed in our socio-political and cultural landscape.  Best.”

~ Pablo Garcia

“Congratulations again on the run of MT7 at Heritage Park – was really taken with everything Saturday evening.  Powerful, essential, and contemporary – was very moved.  Hope you’re having a well deserved rest today.”

~ Joshua Dalledonne, Associate Producer, One Yellow Rabbit

“I wanted to thank you for the ticket to Making Treaty 7.  I was very glad to be able to see it on Thursday night, and hope that your weekend performances went well.  There were many things I enjoyed, mostly the opportunity to hear stories first-hand, instead of filtered through somebody else’s perspective or ideology.  That was very refreshing!  I hope that the cast and creative team enjoyed themselves too, and wish you luck in making this an annual event! All the best,”

~ Andrea Romaldi, Literary Manager, Tarraogon Theatre

“What a marvelous accomplishment Making Treaty 7 is.  Congratulations.  I’m so proud of you and all the performers.”

~ Peter Poole

“Attended the live show at Heritage Park.  An outstanding and very moving piece of work.  I’m a first generation Calgary pale face and gained several new perspectives.  I hope every Albertan sees this show!

~ Rolf Wenzel

“@GerardoYYC @MakingTreaty7 @hiddenstorypro So far my greatest expectations of this evening are being met!  Honoured by the sharing.”

~ Jill Fink

“Making Treaty 7 – a powerful & moving story we need to hear, reflect upon & converse about @Jill_Fink @MakingTreaty7 @hiddenstorypro”

~ GerardoYYC

“.@MakingTreaty7 that was the most powerful thing I have ever seen.  I believe this will make a difference.  Thank-you for telling us our story”

~ DRyanLeask

“Thank you to @MakingTreaty7 for a powerful and moving experience on opening night.  It is our #yyc story #WeAreAllTreatyPeople #yycarts”

~ yepitstom

“We’ve all heard some of the story but not all of the story…@MakingTreaty7 thank you for sharing ALL of our story…go see it until Sunday”

~ PatiiPon

“@MakingTreaty7 There’s a reason it sold out.  Deep history, deep spirit, deep hope.  Thank you.”

~ KirstenYB

“Enjoyed the powerful and at times very funny @MakingTreaty7 performance last night.  Shared history storytelling.  #wearealltreatypeople #MT7”

“The @MakingTreaty7 performance should be part of our ongoing civic conversation. @nenshi @calgarylibrary @enough4allyyc @VibrantCalgary #MT7

“@bpincott good job last night @MakingTreaty7 performance making the point of the need for open ears and hearts. #WeAreAllTreatyPeople

~ loomisyyc

“My @MakingTreaty7 card.  No matter how the numbers fall, we’re all part of the story.  pic.twitter.com/8f4R19oScv”

~ sarahgstanley

“@MakingTreaty7 looking forward to the performance tonight – congrats to all! Proud to be #TreatyPeople #MT7”

~ bethgignac

“@MakingTreaty7 The amazing part: the deep skill of storytelling in its best form- creating ‘dialogue’ with R inner & outer landscapes. #mt7”

~ KirstenYB

“S/O to @MakingTreaty7 for modeling creative action and packing the house full of treaty-goers”

~ citytreaty

“Congratulations to the entire @MakingTreaty7 team – tonight’s the last performance at @HeritageParkYYC Make sure you don’t miss it #yycarts”

~ oneyellowrabbit

“I’m back and very much looking forward to @MakingTreaty7 and a personal milestone for me tonight!

“Just about to start @MakingTreaty7 and one of the most memorable milestones in my life.”

~ nenshi

“@MakingTreaty7 it’s been almost 24 hrs – my mind and more importantly, my heart are still reeling from the vital experience you’ve produced”

~ Salilam

“Great crowd at @MakingTreaty7 tonight.  Looking forward to the evening with the Nenshi Family and Mayor @nenshi. pic.twitter.com/yHG5DrRzUX”

~ ShaheenYYC

“Wish I was @MakingTreaty7 tonight! It will be emotional and memorable for all in attendance #indigenous #theatre #WeAreAllTreatyPeople”

~ coreyptweets

“#MT7 congratulations @MakingTreaty7 M Green & performers for creating a space for open hearts and strong story telling. @oneyellowrabbit”

~ peterpoole

“Emotional evening @MakingTreaty7 tonight.  Quiet trip home, lost in our thoughts.”

~ cheriyyc

“@MakingTreaty7 thankyou for such a wonderful, deeply enriching storytelling event. #wearealltreatypeople”

~ ecky_kostka

“Still thinking about @MakingTreaty7 Moving, inspiring, authentic, vulnerable, enlightening Thank you to everyone involved. @oneyellowrabbit”

~ jillrandres

“@jillrandres @MakingTreaty7 @oneyellowrabbit it was a night to remember!”

~ BrittniKerluke

“@MakingTreaty7 hmm, feedback: How about more shows? 😉 Honestly, I laughed, I cried, I hope to share more moments & culture with #Treaty7”

~ becky_kostka

“It was great to be there Michael.  The piece has grown a lot, so good to see.  Important work that Treaty 7 people and collaborators are doing.”

~ Sandra Laronde

“Wow!, wow! and wow!  The Making Treaty 7 event last weekend – was spectacular.  I hope the all the First Nations, Sponsors, other Supporters and others (in particular those folks representing other potential venues) found the event as entertaining and compelling as I did.”

~ Dean Clark, Managing Director, Canadian Ventures Inc.

“Dear creators of Making of Treaty 7,  I want to pass on my deep gratitude to the performers, creators, advisors and supporters of Making Treaty 7, which I was so moved and impressed by last night. It was a beautiful work of art, and at the same time a comprehensive expression of so many voices and stories of the first peoples’ of this land.  Thank you for working so hard to be honest and unflinching, and to educate.  Thank you also for being full-hearted and whole.  The performance offered a way forward that is based on deep wisdom and respect.  I really saw and heard all the personal and community stories and I feel like some of the mystery, and a lot of the separation between “us” and “them” has been dispelled.  I want the post-colonial, newcomer communities to which I was born, and the first nations communities of Southern Alberta to find ways to share and support one another more.  My friends and I remarked about how hopeful we are that your performance marks a true and deep shift in understanding and communication between communities.  Thank you.  Thank you for opening your tent to all people to come and learn…”

~ Juleta Severson-Baker

“I have to say, I have never been more proud to be associated with such an important, successful, and impactful initiative. Thank you, to you and your crew for a GREAT performance! Well done!”

~ Marlene Yellow Horn

“The play was AWESOME! The Actors were Great!  Congratulations to all that helped make this production”

~ Genevieve Fox

“Good morning all! I just wanted to shoot you a note because Satchel has been studying about residential schools in his social class this year, in grade 10.  When the teacher asked them to discuss ways that their generation can contribute to the conversation meaningfully, Satchel was able to discuss his experience with Treaty 7 and how the arts and artists play a vital role in bringing awareness through educating, via entertaining.  I felt proud as a Mom that I got to expose him to the production and extra proud of my friends and arts community that have devoted themselves!  I am super excited to see how the show evolves… Thank you!!”

~ C.