On February 23 & 24, 2013, The Making Treaty 7 artists collective presented an 80 minute demonstration of material that was developed over a three-week residency at Banff Centre’s Theatre Arts.  The creative team was Narcisse Blood, Blake Brooker, Kris Demeanor, Michael Green, Beverly Hungry Wolf, Mark Ikeda, Telly James, Valerie Jobson, Brian MacNeil, Justin Many Fingers, Carol Mason, John Paul McGroarty, Melanee Murray, Siegmar Schröder, Cowboy Smithx, Adrian Stimson, Sable Sweetgrass, Lance Tailfeathers, Olivia Tailfeathers, Michelle Thrush and Troy Emery Twigg.  The performance was held in the BurnsWest Theatre at Fort Calgary, as part of the Calgary 2012 Cultural Capital Making Treaty 7 Symposium.  This video was shot by Rick Tailfeathers and Sable Sweetgrass.



Good morning Michael!

Wow, what a spectacular play, magnifico performance of each and every one of your cast!

My daughter said, “The play spoke to her, its raw, powerful.”

I was especially blown away when the cast sang together the lyrics, “what do you do with a drunken ndn!” as much as I wept right at the beginning of the play with the mother mourning for her child! I thought to myself how could this be happening weeping so soon with the opening scene! You know Michael I almost wailed aloud when the young man shared his journey back to the reserve as a young man – he spoke from the depth of his soul! Too at his performance of the slimy salesmen dialoguing was hilarious, a good laugh! There was another young man who played the role of the elders – he was so good, I could just hear the elderly men talking! Cowboy Joe was funny, he really came across the typical youth of the reserve in his performance – bravo! The female youth spoke very well too, she did an excellent job of representing the voices of our youth whose parents experienced tragedy living in urban areas, yes she must learn more of the stories of our people who encounter this experience!

Now for the prayers offered by Narcissis Blood, I truly appreciate his prayer – so so so beautiful, I wish everyone in attendance spoke Blackfoot for they will know the beauty of this prayer, elegant yet compassionate!

This is one of the best plays I’ve ever seen in my life, unique and brilliant!

Thank you, Martha!

Have a great day!
Dr. Martha Many Grey Horse