Okotoks tells the story of Holy Bear Woman, a young Blackfoot girl who survived the Baker massacre in 1870. It will leave you breathless with awe at her resilience, proof of which is seen in the fact that her bloodline has survived. Justin Many Fingers is one of her many descendants. Take a journey with him as he tells this epic story of his grandmother through his art form.

Okotoks Cast and Crew

Justin Many Fingers


Mii-Sum-In-Iskum (Long Time Buffalo Rock) Is a founding member and the new Artistic Director of the Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society. His Canadian name is Justin Many Fingers, and is a Queer, Indigenous, disabled, and MAD artist from the Kanawa Blackfoot Reserve in Southern Alberta. Justin is a international artist who studied in performing arts. He has worked with the Artists and companies from Australia, Thailand, Nunavut, Japan, Greenland, United States of America, and Mexico. Justin is a graduate of the Centre for Indigenous Theatre, three-year acting conservatory. He also studied at the Soulpepper Actors Academy and their 2012 season. Justin has studied in both western and indigenous performing art forms for five and a half years through out Canada. The Elders he has learned from and work with are Narcisse Blood, Alvine Mountainhorse, Beverly Hungry Wolf, and Raymond Many Bears.

Alejandro Roncerira


My story started in 1982, when I was in New York and I was training with Alvin Ailey and Madame [Gabriella] Darvash at the Conservatory of Dance in New York, taking class with Finis Jhung and others. It was the era in New York when everyone went to the Pineapple Studios and New York City Ballet. There was a big wave of dance, as is happening now; there were dance films coming out and dance became more popular. There was a lot of competition among people heading to New York and trying to get jobs.

Edgardo Moreno

Sound Designer

Edgardo Moreno has been commissioned for projects in Canada, Venezuela, Mexico, Sweden, Argentina, England and USA. He has written scores for films produced by CBC, Bravo, City TV, NFB, OMNI, Ontario Arts Council, History Channel, TVO. He has worked extensively with contemporary dance choreographers creating sound design and musical scores. He is presently working in creating video and live sound pieces that are part of his Fireflyproject. Hi Film Double Exposure has screened in various film festival across Canada and South America. Edgardo has completed and LP of Electro-Acoustic pieces entitled ‘El Piano De Raquel’.

Stephanie Brave Rock

Lyrical Composer

Neil Fleming

Lighting/ Set Designer

Neil is delighted to be part of the Okotoks artistic team helping Justin bring this story to life. Primarily a playwright, Neil sometimes likes to stretch his theatrical design muscles. Some past design credits include: Gruesome Playground Injuries (Ground Zero, Hit & Myth), A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream (CYPT), The Vajayjay Monologues (Pot of Jam, Urban Curves), Shopaholic Husband Hunt (Lunchbox Theatre), Almost Perfect Thing, Kitchen Witches, In A World Created By A Drunken God, The Attic, the Pearls, and Three Fine Girls (New West Theatre), And So It Goes, Goodness, Bone Cage, Arm’s Length Embrace (Downstage).

Jolane Houle


Jolane is a member of the Blood tribe and is graduate of the University of Lethbridge. She holds a BFA in Fine Arts as a theatre technician and a diploma in Fashion Design from Lethbridge College. She has worked in several capacities of costuming from stitcher to Head of Wardrobe which include: New west theatre (Lethbridge), Stage West theatre (Calgary) and Alberta Theatre Projects. With over a decade of working in theatre she also is an active member of IATSE 212 for film and television. Some union credits include The Revenant, Alpha, Damnation and most recently the TV series Lost in Space.