Amazing!! I was captivated the entire time and felt so connected to it all and so privileged to bear witness. Was chilling to hear Narcisse’s voice at the beginning but such a wonderful job paying homage and respect to those members that passed. This production needs to come to the Lethbridge area!

~ ‪Shawnee BigBull

THANK YOU ALL!! I saw the show tonight. It was moving and inspirational. You have a seriously talented bunch of folks working together.‬

~ ‪Kittens McGee

Fantastic….brilliant, beautifully written, articulate, significant and entertaining….a big WOW! Congratulations Making Treaty 7!!‬

‪~ Susan Lexa

It was an incredible piece of theatre… it was engaging, thought provoking, illuminating, funny, sad, poignant, ‪one of the most powerful pieces I’ve had the honor of witnessing‬.

‪~ Nico Brennan

Powerful, electric and raw!! Incredibly beautiful. Thank you‬.

‪~ Lorinda Patterson

It was amazing‬

‪~ DehVon Blind

~ From the bottom of my heart, thank you! What an honour to watch. I am deeply moved and I think changed from the experience of witnessing such potent, heartwrenching, humourous truth. A deep bow to all involved.‬

~ ‪Amy Haynes

Beautiful, powerful, hilarious, emotional, ground breaking, super important show. Every Canadian should see this!‬

~ ‪Natasha Sayer

A very important piece of theatre. Now it’s time to make the mini-series, and reach more Canadians.‬

‪~ Tania Sablatash

Had the honor of catching the show last night. A show everyone should see! So powerful and thought provoking. #WeAreAllTreatyPeople. Kitsikakomiim.‬

~ ‪Evans L Yellowoldwoman

I agree. Everyone should see this. I learned more in one evening about what it must feel like to be an Aboriginal person than I have in the rest of my life to this point. Powerful, moving, and sometimes funny!‬

‪~ Grant Gilchrist

Somewhere during the evening I realized that through this show, the artists and audiences together are making Treaty 7. Making it come alive. Making it become a true Treaty from both sides. Making it a sacred Treaty that can hold our lives together in this land. Thank you for inviting us into this work.‬

~ ‪Laura Stewart

What an amazing show! Personal, powerful, raw performances, it was a privilege to be witness to the story.‬

~ ‪Karen O’Connor

Such an amazing collaboration… respectful, challenging, painful, thought provoking, beautiful, funny….it was an honor to be there, as above ‘to witness’ and to be uncomfortable and hopeful and to be of Treaty 7. I hope this theatre piece travels far, so much to say. Hope to see it again. Going to CIFF Elder in the Making today because of this production.‬

~ ‪Berniece Gowan

So grateful to have experienced this! Fantastic collaboration that can truly open up conversations and break down the walls that have consistently been put up. I love that schools are watching this. So necessary.‬

~ ‪Lizette Tejada

I saw the last showing last nite I’m so glad I had the chance it was memorable & especially hearing Narcisse Blood’s voice was emotional all in all brought different emotions of our naive ancestors were taken advantage of….it was educational & intense…I recommend that it be seen by more people…kudos to all who were involved!‬

~ ‪Fran Wolfleg

A really important experience. I think that this show is a beautiful way to show many different perspectives and contexts of how history has changed us all and how colonialism is alive and well in our society today. The message for me that we are all responsible and that we all have to act is one that I think all people need to hear. Beautiful show, I hope it runs every year.‬

~ ‪Kathrine Acorn

Very thankful I was able to win tickets. The show pulled up emotions and thoughts that I forgot I had- made you think about a lot of things as an Aboriginal person. Was very moving, powerful and amazing! Wish it could go for another week or come again soon- rather than wait another year.‬

~ ‪Vanna Levac

I loved it.


I hope it will become like Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues” and tour the world, with small and big communities taking on the stories, and sharing their own.

A wonderful, heartfelt effort, expressing necessary and important messages.

Thank you.

~ Xstine Cook

It was one of the most outstanding performances I have seen that moved the people of Treaty 7 forward. A great inspiration for the young generation a step closer to non-Treaty 7 people. Congratulations.

~ Omkar Nath Channan

An extraordinary and humbling experience. Congratulations to all involved!

~ Jeremy Sturgess

It was a wonderful and moving production.  Thank you!

~ D’Arcy Levesque

The event was very special this year. I had the honour of seeing it last year with our beloved visionaries who we have lost. Thank you for continuing to make this performance priority. Sykes Powderface is one of our Nakoda Elders and it made us proud to see him. If there is a possibility to bring this performance to our students in Morley during the treaty 7 youth conference on November 18 and 19. Please let us know. Respectfully,

~ Simon Bird

What a special performance. I highly appreciated the final balance of humor and earnestness; the level of candor, research and detail displayed was remarkable. Everyone I know needs to watch this performance, and I will tell them exactly that. I look forward to seeing how this performance grows and matures in time to come.

~ Delshani Peiris

Hi, I attended the performance on Friday night and thought it was wonderful! I had seen the play online and was looking forward to seeing it live, and I was so impressed with how well done it was.  There was such a nice mixture of emotional and comical scenes.  Even though scenes like the one with the homeless women on the street made me get upset, other scenes like the young man doing the interpretation made me laugh so hard.  I also loved to see the First Nations actors speaking their language, and that some audience members could understand it.  I wish this format could be used throughout the country to explain the history of colonization, maybe more people would gain an understanding of the true impact of being a colonized people. Sincerely,

~ Sheila Dielissen

Hello, we (3) attended the Treaty 7 show on Sept 23rd and thoroughly enjoyed it…It was very moving, powerful, funny, haunting, exhausting, raw and hopeful.  We felt more informed and very inspired by the resilience of the First Nations people. We hope this production, as it evolves and grows, will be shared regularly with Albertans and nationally. The stories need to be told to enable us all to grow and understand our collective heritage. Congratulations and well done all! All the best,

~ Jackie Engstrom    

Hello, I thought the production was impactful and riveting. The performers took us on a journey through history in a way that captured students interest and their hearts.  My students felt empowered by the end dialogue between the two students. I would love to see the production being run again this year. The buzz has grown and I know of other schools that would like to send large numbers of students. Are there plans for it to come back?

~ Steph  

Thank you for this. All of this. What a fantastic and important production. I was moved. I laughed. I cried. I felt truth. I felt acceptance. I felt reconciled. I felt shame. I felt pride. I felt. Watching my aboriginal brothers and sisters move with pride and dignity amongst my non-aboriginal brothers and sisters gives me hope and it gives me peace. I hope this production is mounted every year until such a time as we can all accept and reconcile who and what we are and have been as treaty people. I also remember Michael, Narcisse, Michele, and Lacy.  We are still and always will suffer their tragic loss. Their spirits were with us during the production. They did and still do us proud. Regards,

~ Vincent E Duckworth

Oki Niiksokowaks

Nistooneahkok Pukhtsiikekkina (Little Shining Light)

Nohktohtoh Kainaiwa

First, I want to thank you for courageously bringing light into the world of us Niitsiitapiiks… I applaud everyone involved in making this production soo powerful!  I know it’s not easy confronting issues for the world to see.  It’s not easy walking around knowing you made someone cry or stirred up old negative memories.  The cast and crew are truly humble individuals and I will hold an abundance of respect for each one of you. Respectfully,

~ Puhktsiikekkina (Mary Eagle Speaker)

Very poignant.

Hughly entertaining.


Educational, Personal,

a journey,





~ Don Sanford